All Restaurants in STATEN ISLAND, NY


Alfredo's4072 Hylan Blvd.
Vincenzo's Pork Store1 Gunton Plaza
The Marina Cafe154 Mansion Ave
Kid Zone971 Rossville Ave
Ariana's106 Newdorp Plaza
Benito's Pizza55 Gunton Place
Sunset Pizzeria645 Rossville Ave
Eclipse Bar & Cafe1559 Richmond Rd
Crown Palace1267 Forest Ave
Crown Palace2090 Hylan Blvd
Crown Palace3501 Amboy Rd
Eggers Ice Cream Parlor2716 Hylan Blvd
El Pollo Restaurant552 Richmond Rd
Empire Kitchen1211 Forest Ave
Chin Chin Palace inc1756 Forest Ave
Chicken Delight750 Forest Ave
Pudgie's Famous Chicken1000 Rossville Ave
Kentucky Fried Chicken44 Victory Blvd
Bario's44 Nome Ave
Loon Chuan85 Page Ave
Lucky Fortune3945 Amboy Road
Lucky Star462 Nome Ave
Lum Chin inn 24326 Amboy Rd
Mandarin Chef3841 Richmond Ave
Mandarin Chef14 Bradley Ave
Marina Grand141 Mansion Ave Ave
Canlon's Restaurant1825 N Railroad
Lobster House1898 Hylan Blvd
Loon Chuan10 Akron St
Lucky China31 Victory Blvd
Lucky Chinese Restaurant143 Lafayette Ave
Lucky Fortune Chinese3945 Amboy Rd
Lucky Star Restaurant462 Nome Ave
Liang Wang Kong3579 Victory Blvd
Liu's Garden1755d Richmond Rd
King's Buffet2407 Richmond Ave
King's chef1367 Forest Ave
King's Chef331 New Dorp Lane
Kings Arm Restaurant500 Forest Ave
Kum Fung993 Bay Street
La Riveria Restaurant1976 Forest Ave
La Candela Espanola3921 Amboy Rd
Sweet Basil Restaurant833 Annadale Rd
Cargo Cafe120 Bay St
Carmen's750 Barclay Ave
New Wing Hing Restaurant1282 Clove Rd
New Yung Hong2491 Victory Blvd
Carrige House500 Battery Rd
ALE HOUSE1540 Hylan Blvd
Casa Milla459 Portrichmond Ave
Century Empire Szechuan inc.4373 Amboy Rd
Ceylon Bangla Inc.41 Victory Blvd
Chef Hong's Kitchen55 Victory Blvd
Chefs Hong's Restaurant7226 Amboy Rd
New China183 Broad St
New China Buffet2620 Hylan Blvd
New Choi Hee Restaurant426 Bay Street
Dakota Diner921 Richmond Ave
New Island Chinese Restaurant27 Seguine Ave
Nini's Cafe710 New Dorp Lane
Annisa13 Barrow Street
Front Page Diner75 Page Ave
Bradley's Pizza311 Bradley Ave
Brickhouse Cafe831 Arthurkill Rd
Brioso174 New Dorp Lane
Brothers Pizza 295 Page Ave
Brothers Pizza750 Port Richmond Ave
Bella Mama Restaurant266 Morning Star Rd
Bella Vita 22795 Richmond Ave
Bella Vita Restaurant1919 Hylan Blvd
Bermuda inn2512 Arthur Kill Rd
Bistro Restaurant2561 Hylan Blvd
India Cafe2230 Hylan Blvd
Pasta Cafe1400 Hylan Blvd
Burrito Bar585 Forest Ave
Hillside Deli4278 Arthurkill Rd
Hillside Deli4278 Arthur Kill Road
Dig Guys4401 Arthur Kill Road
168 Mayling Restaurant767 Forest Avenue
202 Deli Grocery Corporation202 Simonson Avenue
3 RP One Inc1674 Richmond Road
3333 Mediterranean Grill3333 Hylan Boulevard
4075 Hylan Blvd Corporation4075 Hylan Boulevard
A & C Superette884 Manor Road
A & E Salumeria Inc3459 Richmond Road
A & M Pizzeria480 Castleton Avenue
A & R Pizzeria Restaurant611 Bay Street
A & S Pizzeria87 Stuyvesant Place
A A Food Market62 Richmond Terrace
A HD Foodmart Corporation117 Water Street
A Pizza Alternative3785 Victory Boulevard
Adobe Blues63 Lafayette Avenue
Aesops Tables1233 Bay Street
Afshan Inc1693 Hylan Boulevard
Alessios Pizzeria3555 Victory Boulevard
Alex Restaurant170 South Avenue
Alexanders Circolo Di CENA49 Cedar Grove Avenue
Alfredos Restaurant & Pizzeria4072 Hylan Boulevard
All Night Long508 Midland Avenue
All-Star Pizza694 Arthur Kill Road
Ally's1456 Richmond Road
Als Pizzeria Restaurant & Catering Inc965 Jewett Avenue
Alsamit Deli506 Richmond Terrace
Ambrosino1026 Rossville Avenue
Ambrosinos3161 Amboy Road
American Grill418 Forest Avenue
Amici's Restaurant1727 Richmond Road
Anarkali Grocery629 Richmond Road
Andersens Town Deli1278 Castleton Avenue
Angelina's26 Jefferson Boulevard
Angelina's Restaurant26 Jefferson Blvd
Angelo's Pizzeria6 Sneden Avenue
Angelos Superette82 Seaview Avenue
Angelos Superette3304 Amboy Road
Angies Pizza & Restaurant1377 Bay Street
Anujee Coffee Shop328 Victory Boulevard
Anujee Coffee Shop328 Victory Blvd
Arden Heights Bagel Inc262 Arden Avenue
Ariemmas Italian Deli1791 Hylan Boulevard
Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi Bar23 Nelson Avenue
Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi Bar23a Nelson Avenue Corner Of Lo
Arleens Luncheonette597 Manor Road
Arties Tavern1218 Forest Avenue
Asian Gourmet2110 Richmond Road
Atrium Bagels & Deli690 Arthur Kill Road
Bacis Paper Mill Cafe4358 Victory Boulevard
Barios446 Nome Avenue
Baris Pizza596 Bay Street
Basilio Inn Restaurant6 Galesville Court
Basilles Restaurant1112 Forest Avenue
Bawarchi1752 Hylan Boulevard
Bay Deli680 Bay Street
Bayou1072 Bay
Bell BURO Inc324 Victory Boulevard
Bella Vita II2795 Richmond Avenue
Bella Vita Pork Store1718 Victory Boulevard
Bellavita Restaurant1919 Hylan Boulevard
Benitos Pizzeria55 Gunton Place
Benny's Cafe4091 Hylan Blvd
Benvenuti Pizzeria E Trattoria3959 Amboy Road
Bermuda Inn2512 Arthur Kill Road
Best Restaurant Equipment2242 Forest Avenue
Bhushan Newstand2295 Forest Avenue
Big AL II4069 Hylan Boulevard
Big Nose Kate's Saloon2484 Aurthur Kill Rd
Bistro Restaurant2561 Hylan Boulevard
Black Dog Grill382 Forest Avenue
Black Garter Saloon35 Andrvte
Black Sea Cafe4029 Hylan Boulevard
Blue Moon Deli658 New Dorp Lane
Boardwalk Pub1719 Hylan Boulevard
Bobby D'S1351 Forest Avenue
Bobo-Licious Inc4209 Hylan Boulevard
Bocca1435 Hylan Boulevard
Bombay Diner117 Water Street
Boston Market 1153854 Arthur Kill Road
Boulevard Bagels & Pizza3993 Victory Boulevard
Brick Oven Express2535 Arthur Kill Road
Bridget's Public House461 Clove Rd
Brioso174 New Dorp Lane
Brothers II Pizzeria Restaurant95 Page Avenue
Brothers Plzzeria750 Port Richmond Avenue
Buddies Deli & Grocery Inc1411 Forest Avenue
Buddies Deli III1411 Forest Avenue
Buona Pasta Restaurant3935 Amboy Road
Burrito Bar585 Forest Avenue
Butlers Restaurant2574 Arthur Kill Road
Buzz Inn502 Henderson Avenue
By the Gardens528 Forest Avenue
C J Italian Deli2960 Richmond Terrace
C W K Restaurant328 Bradley Avenue
Cafe Del Mondo2530 Victory Boulevard
Cafe India2230 Hylan Boulevard
Cafe Lucca925 Manor Road
Cafe Luna1300 Hylan Boulevard
Cafe Mare Monte1836 Hyland Blvd
Cafe Mare Monte1836 Hylan Blvd
Cafe Milano401 Forest Avenue
Cafe Via Veneto27 Seguine Avenue
Camelot Super Deli1060 Richmond Road
Campos Deli3962 Richmond Avenue
Canlon's Restaurant IncN 1825 Railroad Av
Capones Pasta House111 Hylan Boulevard
Capones Pizzeria1694 Richmond Road
Captain Neil's Brickhouse Inc831 Arthur Kill Rd
Captains Hero Shop202 Mansion Avenue
Captains Hero Shop202 Mansion Avenue
Capulina Taqueria1569 Castleton Avenue
Capulina Taqueria Inc42 New Dorp Plz
Cargo Cafe120 Bay Street
Chicken Holiday4569 Amboy Road
CHOS Deli345 Victory Boulevard
CHOS Deli345 Victory Boulevard
Ciros Pizza Cafe862 Huguenot Avenue
Classic by the Lake Pizzeria1264 Clove Road
Classic Pizza529 Tompkins Avenue
Classic Pizza3201 Richmond Road
Classic Pizza1376 Forest Av
Classic Pizza II7423 Amboy Road
Close To Home Deli1270 Bay Street
Convenient Food Mart2 New Dorp Lane
Cousins Deli1372 Richmond Road
Crunchy Pizzeria2224 Hylan Boulevard
D K Grocery71 Lafayette Avenue
D L Pizza1499 Forest Av
Dairy Palace2210 Victory Blvd
Darios Pizzeria2110 Richmond Road
Dees Place607 Forest Avenue
Del Campo Deli42 Reid Avenue
Deli Delights38 Andrvte
Deninos Pizzeria Tavern524 Port Richmond Avenue
Depolish Place19 Corson Avenue
Dicks Delicatessen857 Castleton Avenue
Diddle Dee Dairy & Deli1334 Richmond Road
DINA Grocery & Deli Inc4178 Victory Boulevard
Dominick Pizzeria129 Morningstar Road
Eden Deli2894 Richmond Terrace
Eden Deli 21410 Richmond Terrace
El Mirado Deli Deli & Grocery Corporation98 Victory Boulevard
Elm Park Grocery127 Morningstar Road
Empire Deli843 Annadale Road
Euro Pizza3271 Richmond Avenue
Euro Pizza II1260 Hylan Boulevard
Europa International1407 Richmond Avenue
F & K Oasis Deli Inc643 Oceanside Avenue
Fill Your Belly Deli282 Manor Road
FOO Sing Chinese Restaurant3979 Amboy Road
Forest Food Mart Inc843 Forest Avenue
Fort Place Deli19 Fort Place
Fortune Sushi Restaurant Inc900 Hylan Boulevard
Frank & Marie's Place300 Morningstar Road
Friends Bradley Inc310 Bradley Avenue
G & J Deli & Grocery349 North Burgher Avenue
Gennaros at Country Pizza & Snack Bar1600 Hylan Boulevard
Gennaros Restaurant & Pizzeria413 New Dorp Lane
Gerards Pizza & Sandwich Shop Inc860 Post Avenue
Gino of Italy Pizzeria548 Lincoln Avenue
Gino's Pizzeria2811 Richmond Avenue
Ginos Cafe2040 Forest Avenue
Golden Palace Chinese Take Out1757 Arthur Kill Road
Goldens Kosher Deli & Restaurant2845 Richmond Avenue
Good Fellas Brick Oven Pizza1718 Hylan Boulevard
Goodfella's Cafe4300 Amboy Road
Goodfella's of Rossville & Woodrow Plaza655 Rossville Avenue
Goodfellas Cafe1817 Victory Boulevard
Green Apple Deli49 Victory Boulevard
Guyon Minimart Inc110 Guyon Avenue
Harbor Lights141 Mansion Avenue
Harbor Lights141 Mansion Avenue
Heavenly Chocolate705 Forest Avenue
Heberton Deli341 Heberton Avenue
Hillside Deli Corporation4278 Arthur Kill Road
Hillside Market1789 Richmond Road
Ho Wok Kitchen692 Arthur Kill Road
Hot Bagel4727 Hylan Boulevard
Hy-Deli1990 Hylan Boulevard
Hylan Dairy1780 Hylan Boulevard
J & A Salumeria Pork Store Inc7319 Amboy Road
J & N Family Food Corporation122 Lincoln Avenue
J & R Pizzeria10 New Dorp Lane
J A K Bagels Inc New Way Minimarket1160 Bay Street
J N J Deli Inc1471 Richmond Avenue
Janine Deli10 Daniel Low Terrace
Jennies Pizzeria32 Norwich Street
Jessica Deli Corporation1016 Bay Street
Jimmy Max280 Watchogue Road
Jimmys Deli Grocery454 Castleton Avenue
Jimmys Showtime Pizza141 East Service Road
Jims Deli & Grocery90 Bay Street
JJ&R174 South Avenue
Jo Anns Deli1373 Bay Street
Joe & Pat Pizzeria1758 Victory Blvd
Joe's Pizzeria485 Jewett Avenue
John Johns Pizza895 Huguenot Avenue
Johns Pizza128 Lincoln Avenue
Justinos Pizzeria89 Guyon Avenue
Kidders Deli7420 Amboy Road
King Pizza2212 Victory Boulevard
Kingdom Caffe Pizzeria Restaurant4350 Amboy Road
Kosher Island Glatt Kosher Take Home Food Inc2206 Victory Boulevard
Krisidee's Pizzeria & Restaurant147 Mcclean Avenue
LA Piazza1455-richmond Avenue
Larocca's Pizzeria489 Midland Av
Las Jarochitas297 Port Richmond Avenue
Lees Tavern60 Hancock Street
Lil Anthony's Pizzeria691 Bay Street
Louies Pizzeria133 Mcclean Avenue
Luigi's Pizza320 Sheldon Avenue
M & M Deli & Dairy1609 Victory Boulevard
M & M Superette234 Richmond Terrace
Mama Bella
Mama Rosaria2146 Forest Avenue
Mandarin House Restaurant730 A Port Richmond Ave
Mazzola Meat Express725 Forest Avenue
Mexico Azteca19 Broad Street
Michaels Deli307 Nelson Avenue
Midfield Deli6378 Amboy Road
Miggys Corporation Main Office847 Annadale Road
Miggys Supermarket2241 Victory Boulevard
Mike's Place355 New Dorp Lane
Mikes Deli61 Giffords Lane
Mona Lisa Pizzeria Inc28 Jefferson Boulevard
Mr Pizza's Old Fashioned Pies2008 Victory Blvd
Mr Pizzas Pasta House2317 Richmond Avenue
MSE Grocery & Deli Inc323 Victory Boulevard
My Pizza755 Targee Street
Napoli Pizza2626 Hylan Boulevard
New Deli Corporation496 Arthur Kill Road
New DORP Beach Deli Corporation99 Cedar Grove Avenue
New DORP Deli306 New Dorp Lane
New Jade Fortune90 Guyon Avenue
Neza Mexican Restaurant5489 Lincoln Av
Nino's Pizzeria1757 Arthur Kill Rd
Nunzios Pizzeria2155 Hylan Blvd.
Nunzios Pizzeria & Restaurant2155 Hylan Boulevard
Old Town Superette1244 Richmond Road
Oriental Plaza Chinese & Japanese Restaurant280 Marsh Avenue
Original Gene Deli68 New Dorp Plaza
Orloff's Deli & RestaurantPo Box 10276
Paesano's Pizzeria12 Bradley Av
Pal Joey's Italian Restaurant & Pizza538 Forest Ave
Panda House30 Sneden Avenue
Pantano Deli1132 Targee Street
Papa Mikes Pizzeria4112 Victory Boulevard
Paraiso Grocery 1197 Broad Street
Pasquales Pizzeria II5840 Amboy Road
Peking Taste Restaurant3279 Richmond Avenue
Pepinos Pizzeria192 Main Street
Petes Pizzeria6 Atlantic Avenue
Philip JS Deli961 Jewett Avenue
Piccolo Pinos Pizzeria275 Port Richmond Av
PIZA RIA3902 Richmond Avenue
Pizza Cave29 Bowling Green Place
Pizza DORO3115 Victory Boulevard
Pizza Express174 South Avenue
Pizza RIA1300 Hylan Boulevard
Pizza RIA1430 Richmond Avenue
Pizza RIA280 Broadway
Pizza Viccis3295 Amboy Road
Plaza Bagel & Deli Corporation73 New Dorp Plaza
Plaza Deli IncForest Avenue Shopper's
Port Richmond Deli2020 Richmond Terrace
Portobello Cafe4221 Hylan Blvd
Portobello On the Bay202 Mansion Avenue
Pronto Pizza Cafe1088 Bay Street
Punto Y Coma Inc1198b Forest Avenue
R & G Deli & Grocery Inc6 Decker Avenue
Ragno DORO Inc2912 Arthur Kill Road
Ralph Pizza & Restaurant960 Post Avenue
Ray's Pizza325 Victory Boulevard
Rays Deli27 Giffords Lane
Real Madrid Restaurant2073-5 Forest Avenue
Real Mexico I108 Victory Boulevard
Restaurant On the Plaza Pizzeria50 New Dorp Plaza
Richmond Fiesta Market Inc896 Huguenot Avenue
Richmond Foods Inc1212 Victory Boulevard
Richmond Grocery of Staten Island Inc1810 Forest Avenue
Rigas Lama Family Food Inc3937 Amboy Road
Ritas Pizzeria & Restaurant Inc487 Vanderbilt Avenue
Road House1402 Clove Road
Rocco's Deli566 Woodrow Rd
Rocky's of Mulberry Street987 Bay Street
Rosalia's Italian Deli & CATE Ring1071 Targee Street
Rosebank Deli511 Tompkins Avenue
Rossville Pizzeria960 Bloomingdale Road
S & M Polish Deli III1201 Hylan Blvd
S & R Stop & Go Inc1127 Richmond Terrace
S T S Deli53 Richmond Hill Road
S T S Deli53 Richmond Hill Rd
Sal & Lloyd Pizza Place3850 Richmond Avenue
Sand's Pizzeria337a Sand Lane
Savastano Bella-Mama Restaurant266 Morningstar Road
Scott Deli74 Castleton Avenue
Shanghai Restaurant1491 Hylan Boulevard
Shields Geo K Dlctsn28 Hylan Boulevard
Shop & Save Superette1172 Hylan Boulevard
Shore Road Delicatessen282 8th Street
Silvestros Deli286 Watchogue Road
Sonny's Pizza1694 Richmond Rd
Sopranos Famous Family Pizza251 Broadway
Soriano's Pork Store Inc150 Greaves Lane
South Shore Deli7344 Amboy Road
Spain Restaurant502 Jewett Avenue
Staten Island Deli & Grocery514 Broadway
Subway 3885612 Forest Avenue
Subway Sandwich Shops38 New Dorp Plaza
Sunset Pizzeria645 Rossville Av
Sweet Basil Restaurant833 Annadale Rd
Tasty Chicken1881 Victory Boulevard
Thats Italian2655 Richmond Avenue
The Pizza House Inc1307 Arthur Kill Road
Three Brothers Pizzeria189 Broad Street
Tommy's Tumbleweed Gourmet511 Jewett Avenue
Tony's Pizzeria1650 Richmond Avenue
Tonys Brick Oven1140 Bay Street
Totten-Villa Pizza & Cafe Inc7517 Amboy Road
Town Deli & Pizza5373 Arthur Kill Road
Valduccis Pizza Cafe4369 Amboy Road
VALS Pizza3297 Richmond Avenue
Villa Ponte170 New Dorp Lane
Villa Roma Pizzeria Restaurant Limited853 Castleton Avenue
Village Cafe Pizzeria77 Richmond Hill Road
Village Maria Pizzeria3995 Amboy Road
Village Maria Pizzeria II768 Manor Road
Vincenzos Pork Store1 Gunton Place
Waterfront Deli2722 Richmond Terrace
Westerleigh Deli262 Maine Avenue
Willowbrook Farms Inc2520 Victory Boulevard
Your Own Deli Inc1978 Forest Av
Your Taste Deli Inc2524 Forest Avenue
YUM YUM Pizza25 Victory Boulevard
Zack's Mini Market1147 Castleton Avenue
ZIO Luzzis6410 Amboy Road